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User Agreement

Public offer

This document (the "Offer") defines the essential terms of the Agreement on the use of the website located at http://tudatuda.com (hereinafter: the "Site"), each capable adult individual who register on the Site as a user.

Before you use the Site, please read the text of this Offer. Filling an individual registration form with your data and pressing the button (link) "Create Account" or input through your profile in one of social networks, is a voluntary acknowledgment consent of the individual to sign a contract with the site owner on the use of the Site subject to the conditions in the order and amount set out in this Offer.

If you do not agree with the terms of the Offer and / or do not wish to enter into a contract with the site owner on the terms set out in this Offer, please leave the Site immediately and refrain from using it in the future.

Site Owner

This site is owned and operated by LLC "There? There! "(Hereinafter "Website Owner ").

Location of LLC  "There? There! " is: 127051, Moscow, Russian Federation, m.Suharevskaya side-street., 9, building 1, office 56a.

Terms and conditions

"Delivery Operation" is a self-conformable actions between users of the Site aimed at delivering of things, acceptable to the free circulation (in an amount intended solely for personal use) from one User to the second or on behalf of the second User to third parties. The Delivery Operation is considered successful when both Users (Customer and Contractor) correctly and successfully completed their actions (Customer conveyed and / or received, Artist brought). Delivery Operation shall be deemed completed at the time of receipt by the recipient (the second User or indicated by him third parties) delivered items. If by agreement between the Users the Delivery Operation is reimbursable, the Delivery Operation can not be considered complete until the payment for  services to the User, who made the Delivery. In this case, Users themselves  carry the entire responsibility for the calculation and payment of the applicable statutory taxes and fees. The Website Owner shall not be entitled to any commission for the implementation of compensatory Delivery Operation.

"Partners of the Website Owner" / "Partners" - physical and / or legal entities, except for Users, concluded civil law contracts with the Website Owner.

"User" - an adult capable person who has entered into an agreement with the Website Owner on the terms set out in this Offer and who implements  use of the Site.

"Continuous journey" - a permanent notice (application) that the User is constantly traveling the same route (regular trips or trips to relatives, friends), and has the ability to Delivery.

"Newsletter" - the delivery to  users of promotional materials from the Website Owner and / or partners of the Website Owner.

"Registration Form" - an interactive form, located at http://tudatuda.com/profile/reg.htm, which, by filling in by an individual and then pressing the button (link) "Create Account", is an expression of the consent of such a person to conclude an agreement with the Website Owner on the use of the Site subject to the conditions in the manner and to the extent set forth in this Offer.

Access to the site

User Registration on the website is free. Any adult capable person may become a Member of the Site, by completing the registration form in the manner prescribed by this Offer, thus confirming his  full and unconditional acceptance of this Offer and the conditions of processing of his personal data by the Website Owners, as well as agree to receive information about the Site and Partners of Website Owner by e-mail, pointed in the registration form. The User at any time from the date of registration on the Site until the termination of the agreement with the Website Owner, signed by the adoption of this Offer (hereinafter - the "Agreement") will be subject to all the provisions of this Offer valid at the current time (including all changes and additions, made by  the Website Owner in the text of this Offer). At each authorization on the Site User agrees with all Offer provisions, applicable at the time of authorization, and conditions of processing of his personal data, representing which User guarantees its complete accuracy.

The Website Owner has the right to refuse a person wishing to become a Member of the Site, in the absence of technical or other opportunities to do so at the time of treatment.

The Website Owner may at any time without giving any reason and without any compensation to the User to terminate User's access to the Site as by canceling the registration (account) or by permanent or temporary technical limit access to the Site.

The User may at any time without giving any reason to cancel the agreement and discontinue use of the Site by sending from the page http://tudatuda.com/profile/settings.htm a request of cancellation of registration ("Delete Profile"). In case of cancellation of registration the Website Owner removes stored by him personal User data.

User's access to the Site is free of charge. Spending on Internet traffic (including mobile), required to access the site, is on User’s own.

The Website owner is not responsible for User’s absence of technical or other access to the Site.

User agrees not to disclose to any third party his r login and password, which the User specified in the Registration Form, and to take all measures necessary to prevent unauthorized access to User accounts. In the event of the User getting information about the possibility of unauthorized access by third parties to his account on the Site, the User agrees to immediately sent notification to the e-mail address it@tudatuda.com.

Use of the Site

The Website may be used solely for the purpose of finding persons who in a certain period of time or permanently commit move from one point in the world to another and ready to delivery of things, admissible for free circulation (in an amount intended solely for personal use) or persons interested in the delivery of such things in a certain period on a certain route.

The Site may be used solely for personal, family or other similar requirements. Use of the Site for any other purpose (including for business / commercial purposes, for the purpose of committing a crime or facilitate in the commission of crimes) is not allowed.

Images posted by Users on the Site shall not contain text and / or graphics that:

• can be regarded as contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation and / or violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties in any country in the world;

• contribute to the incitement of ethnic, inter-religious or other hatred and / or intolerance;

• provoke to commit a crime or facilitate its commission;

• are a breach of privacy;

• are pornographic materials.

Images published by Users on the site, do not pass pre-moderation by the Website Owners. If the User  finds, that online images, featured by other Users, violate his rights and legitimate interests and / or contradict the conditions of this Offer, the User shall be entitled to notify the Website Owner by e-mail it@tudatuda.com by sending links to the corresponding image and written justification of his claims.

Personal Information

 By completing the registration form and agreeing with the terms of the Offer,  a person provides the Website Owner with the following data: Name (surname, first name, middle name (if any)), e-mail address, sex, year, month, date of birth, place of permanent residence (area) , brief information about himself. The User bears responsibility for the accuracy of the data presented. The Website Owner uses and processes personal data for:

• to register the User on the Site;

• to fulfill his obligations to the User;

• to provide Users with information about the Website and its Owners, on the shares held by the Website Owner and his partners;

• for assessment and analysis of the Website’s run.

By submitting his personal data when completing the Registration Form, the User gives the Website Owner his voluntary, not limited by a validity period, consent to the processing and use of his personal data for the purposes of certain conditions of the Offer and the Charter of the Website Owner, as well as to promote by the Website Owner of his services in various ways, including, but not limited to, the implementation of the automated analysis of personal data and  by giving information.

The User may at any time withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data by the refusal to execute the Contract and sending a request for cancellation of registration on the Site.

Personal data of the User specified by him in a registration form (except for the Name and date of registration on the Site), the Website owner can not transfer to other Users of the Site.

Personal User data, independently transmitted by the User to another User - the second participant in the delivery, are not processed or stored by the Website Owner. Responsibility for the transfer of his personal data to other Users of the site the User bears himself.

In case of loss of User’s name and / or password to access the Site, the Website Owner has the right to re-ask the User's personal data, specified by him in the Registration Form in order to compare them with the data stored at the Website Owner’s.

E-mail address specified by the User in the Registration Form, the Website Owner has the right to pass on to his partners solely for the purpose of Mailings. In this case, this kind of mailing list must include the obvious to the User opportunity at any time to refuse receiving them, and it will not be an obstacle to the use him of the Site.

The Website Owner is not responsible for the content of Mailings sent to the User by the partners of the Website Owner.

Rights to intellectual property

The Website Owner has all necessary rights in respect of intellectual property displayed on the Site by the Website Owner. Materials displayed on the Site by the Website Owner are protected by copyright and related rights, created by the Website Owner by himself or acquired by him under contracts providing for, including the transfer to the Website Owners rights to the results of intellectual activities appropriate for their use by bringing to the public (placing on the Internet) for an indefinite term and territory.

Without the written permission of the Website Owner User is forbidden to use any off-site materials (as text materials, as any illustrations, photographs, video or audio files, and any graphic elements, including design elements) displayed on the Site.

Responsibility of the Website Owners

The Website Owner shall not be liable for the completeness and accuracy of the information provided by Users both to the Website Owner and to other Users of the Site, including, but not limited to, for any information about planned by Users routes and timing of its implementation.

The Website Owner is not responsible for actions of Users committed by them during the preparation and implementation of operations for the Delivery.

Agreeing on Delivery Operations, giving other Users of the Site information about himself, the things to be delivered, the funds for the implementation of the Delivery or the acquisition of things, to be followed by Delivery, the User acts at his own risk and may not submit claims to the Website Owner related to any direct or indirect loss and / or damage incurred in the preparation and implementation by the User of Delivery Operations, as well as due to the inability to use the Site.

Website Owner recommends that Users who have come to an agreement on the implementation of Delivery Operation,  to make a civil contract, in which may be reflected essential conditions for the delivery and responsibility for its failure (including material). The samples of contracts can be found on this page: tudatuda.com/files/Users_agreement.doc

Dispute resolution and applicable law

Legal relationship between the User (on one side) and the Website Owner (the other side), which  are not regulated by this Offer, shall be governed by the substantive laws of the Russian Federation. Disputes between the User (on one side) and the Website Owner (the other side), if not settled by negotiation, shall be settled in the court of the location of the Website Owner.

The legal relationship between Users adjusts based on the norms and principles of the current legislation (both Russian and international).  The right, applicable in each case, is determined by the essence of a dispute, the place of a dispute and citizenship of parties to the dispute. Users have not  the right to involve the Website Owner to resolve disputes arising directly between Users.