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Правила сайта

1. Registration

1.1. To start using the Site, you must complete the registration process. To do this, you need to indicate your real e-mail address (to which you'll receive all notifications from the Site), User Name ("Nick" - the name under which you will be "seen" by other Site visitors), year, date of birth and password and confirm that you have read and accept the "Public Offer".

1.1.1. You can go through a quick registration via your account in one of the social networks, whose icons are located in the table on the left. It also will need to fill out the required fields of the registration form and accept the "Public Offer".

1.2. After completing the registration you will receive access to the personal account, will be able to create your own applications for delivery and transportation.

2. Types of Applications

2.1. An Application in the "I need" section helps users find people who could bring the right thing from the point of planet Earth, where this thing is, to where a particular User wants it to be, or purchase it there, where it is on sale,  and deliver it wherever it needs for specific User.

2.2. An Application in the "ready to deliver" section helps users find people who really need something to bring (or buy in the point of sale and bring) from where a specific User will be at  a certain time, to where the User is planning to come.

2.3. On the home page you can (without a registration including) search for Users who need to deliver something or are willing to offer their services on Delivery.

2.4. Take a closer look: Application "I need”?

2.4.1. If you need something to move from one city (country) to another, you can leave request, "I want." You might need:

• take away anything from you and deliver to your friends or relatives;

• take away anything from your friends or relatives and bring to you;

• buy something in a store in another country or city (GOODS) and bring to you.

2.4.2. Here the application "I want" is made:

            You need to specify:

• FROM WHERE (country, if necessary - the city) and TO  WHERE (country, if necessary - the city) the order  to be delivered;

• IN WHAT PERIOD OF TIME it is necessary to deliver the order;

• WHAT (text description and type) of the transmitted order (TYPE is selected from the drop-down list);

• In addition, you can specify "application tags" placed immediately after your selection of  "Trip frequency" (these tags should help Users to understand your needs or opportunities for the delivery of order), as well as accompany the application with a brief commentary and an image of delivered order.

2.5. Application "ready to deliver"

2.5.1. If you are planning any trip (on holiday, a business trip, for permanent residence, and so on) and want to help complete strangers (or to provide a service

and earn some money) to carry anything from one city (country) to another, You can make a request "Ready to deliver." When the application should be made?

• You know exactly that you are or will be in a certain part of the world in a certain period of time;

• You know exactly that in a particular day you will be in another particular place;

• It will not be difficult for you to pick the parcel up where you are (or planning to be) and carry it wherever you are going to come (come back).

2.5.2. Here is made the application "Ready to deliver":

            You need to specify:

• The frequency of the trip - a ONE-TIME or PERMANENT (possibly you regularly travel on the same route)

• WHERE FROM (country, if necessary - the city) and WHEN you get out (and, accordingly, where and till what time you will be able to pick up what you need to deliver;

• MODE OF TRANSPORT which you are traveling (this is very important because different carriers impose certain restrictions on the transportable cargo that can make transportation more expensive than the customer is planning, or even impossible)

• WHERE (country, if necessary - the city) and WHEN you arrive (and, accordingly, you will be able to deliver the order)

• If you plan a trip "back and forth", you can mark the check box "Reverse return" (this can be useful if you pass anything from one person to another, and that in response  will want to convey through you anything to the sender, and for someone the "back" part of your trip may be important). In this case, you will need to indicate your return route (perhaps with a stop in any other town or place, date of departure and arrival and mode of transport);

• In addition, you can specify the "tags trip" placed immediately after you selection of  "Trip Frequency" (these tags will help Users understand your conditions or the possibilities of delivery), as well as accompany the application with a brief commentary.

3. The process of saving applications

3.1. Once you build up the desired application, click on the "Save" button, the electronic brain of the Site will analyze all the "opposite"  applications, stored in its memory (if you are ready to delivery, we will try to find those who need to bring something  just in according to your route; if you need to send or receive anything within a certain period of time, we will try to find exactly those who at the right time are going to the correct route) and:

• will give you a list of your potential customers and performers;

• will notify Users, having left "counter" applications, on your application;

• Will place your application in "My applications and trips" section, where it will be available for editing and pause / resume.

4. Work with Applications

4.1. In the section "My applications and trips" on the page of specific application you will see a list of people who could become your partners for the delivery (if you are "customer", you will see a list of applications  "ready to deliver" from potential "couriers", if You are "courier", you will see a list of applications that require delivery).

4.2. If you at some point begin to doubt if you will trip or if you need a delivery, you can choose "Pause" in the settings of application. In this case, the application will still be stored on the Site, but it will not appear in search results, and you will not receive notifications of placement "counter" applications.

4.3. After the formation of requests, Users, ready to help with the delivery, have the opportunity to click "Can deliver" in a request of potential customer and notify the specific customer about their willingness,  and Users, who need help with the delivery, in the applications of potential couriers are able to click "Ask to deliver" and notify the specific User of their interest.

4.4. Once a potential "customer" requested a "courier" about delivery or a potential "courier" informed a "customer" that he can carry out delivery, both Users (the potential "customer" and the potential "courier") have the opportunity to directly exchange electronic messages (on their potential partner’s page there is a button "Send a message"). In messages Users can ask each other questions, exchange phone numbers, talk over all the details of future delivery. Please note: in search results on applications are not displayed real names (only "nicks"), phone numbers, email address! All contact details Users report to each other only by themselves!

4.5. Once you are associated with a specific User, you can leave a comment on his page (write a text message and tick "like" or "dislike". You may give your feedback either prior to delivery, or after its completion, but only once for each specific application. All the reviews about the User (you can follow the link by clicking on the word "Feedback"), as well as his score (the total number of "likes" and "dislikes") are displayed on the User’s page under his avatar.

4.6. If you failed to agree with the User you chose about delivery or you would like to consider alternative options, you can choose any other User from the User list, which could become your partners for the delivery.

4.7. When choosing a future "customers" and "couriers" Users can focus on their activity (Link "Applications and trips") and "likes", left by other Users. Please note that counters of applications, visits and "likes" are merely contingent valuation of one Users to other ones, and CAN NOT ACT AS A GUARANTEE of reliability for the delivery of your partners.

5. What can be transported?

5.1. A definite answer to this question is quite difficult. Typically, this is all that is intended for personal use - new or forgotten items, books, stationery, animals (under certain conditions), and so forth. On the Site in "FAQ" section we have tried to describe the possible situations where you may need a delivery.

5.2. Be careful, especially if you carry out an international delivery! Each country has its own rules and regulations (on the level of laws including) on the import and export of goods, their weight, size and the customs value!

6. What is forbidden to carry?

6.1. All that is forbidden by law!

6.2. In particular:

6.2.1. weapons (including its main constituent elements) and ammunition

6.2.2. narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, including in the form of medicines;

6.2.3. potent, radioactive, explosive, corrosive, flammable, toxic and other hazardous substances

6.2.4. organs and (or) the human tissue, blood and its components

6.2.5. print and audiovisual materials:

• containing calls for extremist and terrorist activity or public justification of terrorism,

• of pornographic nature,

• manufactured or distributed in violation of the laws of the customs union of the Eurasian Economic Community on elections and referendums,

• aimed at propaganda of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols or paraphernalia or symbols similar to Nazi attributes and symbols up to confusing extent,

• containing other information that can cause harm to political or economic interests of the state of import / export, its national security, health and morals of the citizens;

6.2.6. public cultural values;

6.2.7. gems in any form and condition, natural diamonds, with the exception of jewelry;

6.2.8. special technical means intended for secret getting of information;

and OTHER! (This list is not exhaustive! Once again, please note that by accepting the delivery, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the applicable laws and regulations of baggage).

6.3. Be very careful when transporting drugs! In most cases you will need to have on hand the documents confirming the lawfulness of their acquisition. In any case, the number of transported drugs should not exceed the limits of individual consumption!

7. Additional features:

7.1. "My applications and trips" - in this section are saved your requests for delivery and notification of planned trips, you can edit them and suspend / resume their activity.

7.2. "Notifications" - notices from the Site and Users, received by you;

7.3. "Messages" - your dialogue with the Users of the Site;

7.4. "Profile" - Your profile on the Site (the way it’s seen by other users);

7.5. "Settings" - settings page of your Profile;

7.6. Sections "About Us", "Why it is we" and "FAQ" - here we tried to simply and clearly available to tell you about ourselves, about our services, its capabilities and, alas, the pitfalls that may expect too credulous Users. But we very much hope that you carefully read our Terms and recommendations, and our Site for many years to become your reliable assistant in the world of personal transportation.

7.7. "Inappropriate" - on the page of a button "Report". By clicking on it, you can always inform the Site about incorrect behavior of the User. In the drop-down menu you are asked to select the reason for the complaint (Advertising, clogging up the search, Insults, Misbehaves), and in the text field to  set out your comments. We carefully consider every complaint, analyze it and try to do so that afterwards we wouldn’t  have to "blush" for our Users.