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Principles of work

TUDA?TUDA! is a crowdshipping platform which allows you to ship and purchase goods via travelers worldwide.

image description Website using the unique algorithm finds the person who travels the desired route and vice versa.
We open new opportunities to poeple in the boundless world!
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How it works if you need a delivery

Let's imagine for a moment, that you need to purchase a wonderful handbag in Paris or miracle Israeli cream, or just need to send a postcard to your lovely grandma in Saratov. Website tudatuda.com will connect you with the person, who is travelling on the desired route!

Submit an application for delivery, and the system will automatically find people who probably help you with delivery. If on some occasion currently nobody can help you, we will continue searching for couriers and will notify you as soon as possible!

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How it works if you can pick up something

You are on a business trip in Prague, or on a family vacation in Thailand, or visiting relatives in Saint Petersburg. It's a perfect chance to do a good deed and even earn some extra cash with crowdshipping platform «Tuda? Tuda!».

Submit an application, entering your trip dates and routes into the system, and you will find people for whom you can help with delivery.

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Who usually ships goods and parcels?

  • leisure travelers
  • shopping-tour lovers
  • business travelers
  • people living 2 countries
  • immigrants
  • those who have relatives abroad
  • businessmen
  • truck drivers
Why they are doing this?
  • make a good deed
  • earn some money
  • find new friends
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What can you ship?

  • clothes and accessories
  • medicine (excluding certain сases)
  • domestic appliances
  • parcels
  • souvenirs
  • food
image description A priori - the person who ships buys the required item with his own money and... when the delivery is made he gets back all expenses plus the negotiated fee


The service is absolutely free. All the financial and other issues that may arise between users are resolved by themselves. A priori - the person who ships buys the required item with his own money and when the delivery is finished, gets the reimbursement of expenses plus negotiated compensation.

If something goes wrong he can always sell the item.

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Of course, if you trust your “courier”, he has a good reputation and positive feedbacks from other TUDATUDA users, you can make all the financial arrangements in advance. But you should accept that YOU are taking the financial risk!

Be cautious and trust only those in whom you are fully confident!

Each government imposes special restrictions on goods shipped by individuals. Based on the type of transportation (plane or train) weight and monetary value of goods that doesn't fall under mandatory declaration may vary. We additionally want you to pay attention to the rules of medicine transfer! Especially in case of drastic drugs and those containing narcotic or psychotropic elements! In order to reduce the responsibility (both administrative and criminal), please familiarize yourself with the rules of luggage transfer of those countries, boundaries of which you are planning to cross, и those carriers services of which you are planning use.