ТудаТуда и Bagit объединились!

См. Пресс-релиз и ответы на основные вопросы. Далее, рекомендуем работать через сайт bagit.xin или приложение Bagit для Андройд.

Сайт tudatuda.com больше не будет предлагать технической возможности размещения заявок и поездок. Для этого следует использовать Bagit.

Advantages of «Tuda? Tuda!»

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  • Order goods from anywhere in the world
    Not all online shops may ship to your country
  • Buy something that is not sold online
    Travelers will go to a market, a pharmacy or a gift shop for you
  • Set the shipping price by yourself
    Negotiate with the traveler without intermediaries
  • Buy stuff that you have been missing
    Only individuals are allowed to bring items that are prohibited by the sanctions

I am a traveler. Why should I help others?

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  • Earn money for a delivery.
  • Partially cover the trip cost
  • Make a good deed
    and meet people

Take a look at the virtual map of Tuda? Tuda! to check how many travelers there are now around the world